Big Top Rocks for kids

Special thanks to all our friends and supporters who flocked to our special fundraising show at the Barnyard Theatre on 20 March.

Big Top Rock was nothing short of spectacular – a wonderful musical circus show which entertained young and old alike – and we’re so glad that we got to share it with you.

This is the first time our organisation has held a fundraising initiative of this nature, with the aim to raise funds for our Nutritional Meals Programme. We are pleased to say that it was a huge success. We exceeded our ticket sales and managed to raise a total of R5 400 towards the programme, which provides nearly 9 000 meals for children and youth every month!

Thanks for helping to make a difference.

Glowing reports

Break up day also means we get to see school reports and see the progress our children have made.

We are so pleased to share with friends and supporters that our children have all done amazingly well, according to the school reports we’ve received so far.

Everyone at DCYCC is super proud!