Youth Day Fun & Games


Our Child & Youth Care Centre was abuzz with fun and games over the long weekend of 16-18 June, as we celebrated our youth.

Activities included a combined sports day with six other local Child and Youth Care Centres. It was great fun for all the kids to pit their skills against all the other netball and soccer teams. There were also fun activities, with the balloon game being one of the most popular.

Huge thanks to our visitors, Mr & Miss Durban finalists, who shared their stories and spent time encouraging our young people to believe in their dreams.

Youth Day balloon fun Youth Day celebrations



The “list” never ends …

What with the 18 new children who have to come to us since the beginning of the year, along with the 56 existing boys and girls in our care, you can imagine how long our list of needs is … it just never seems to end.

With winter in full swing, there is always a need for new warm clothing and shoes, as well as an extended grocery list so that we can provide each child with the balanced diet needed to keep hungry tummies satisfied during these chilly days.

Our grateful thanks to those who have already contributed towards our Winter Warmth campaign. Pictured above is the Sri Sathya Global Council of SA, who visited our home and provided our children with wonderful much needed winter items. Thank you for your wonderful support!

Huge thanks to PEP for the generous voucher that allowed us to buy much needed items for our children. We were able to get a number of warm jackets, socks and long sleeve shirts.

Special thanks also goes to Classic Quilters for their kind and generous donation of comforters for the children’s beds.


Mandela Day message from the Director – Mandy Goble

With July fast approaching, it’s fitting to pause and reflect on the invaluable contribution made by Nelson Mandela in raising the consciousness of people throughout the world, but more importantly here in our country, on the importance of prioritising the care of its children.

Sadly, we are far from realising his dream of a South Africa that cares for her children in the manner that they deserve. “South Africa’s children shall play in the open veldt, no longer tortured by hunger or disease or threatened with abuse,” he said. “Children are our greatest treasure.”

Children still faced with hunger, abuse and discrimination

Facilities such as ours are all too aware that the children in our country are still faced with hunger, abuse and discrimination. But we remain resolute in our efforts to provide those placed in our care with a safe and secure environment. We provide the support they need to heal from the deep emotional and physical wounds inflicted on them, as we help them walk through this phase of their life’s journey believing that they matter!

It is with your support and others, like the Victor Daitz Foundation that we can achieve this. The Victor Daitz Foundation came to our aid at the 12th hour providing the total funding needed to complete the mammoth task of repairing the roof of one of our aged buildings, SAWAS House.

Play your part on Mandela Day

If you are wondering what you can do to commemorate Mandela Day, on 18 July this year, you may want to consider supporting our ‘Piece the Puzzle Together’ fundraiser which will be taking place on 13 July.  Or perhaps supporting our Winter Warmth Campaign. Whilst the support we have received thus far has been truly wonderful, providing the 18 new children who were admitted into our care since the beginning of this year – as well as the remaining growing 56 – with adequate winter clothes is an expensive exercise. Then there is the cost of extra nutritious food … the list never ends.

As with Nelson Mandela, who not only wanted all children to feel loved, but also to have a better future, we at Durban Child and Youth Care Centre continue in our efforts to realise his dream – a people who regard our children as our greatest treasure.