Siyakhula Rehabilitation Centre celebrates 20 years


Siyakhula Rehabilitation

20 years ago, this organisation took a leap of faith and opened the Siyakhula Rehabilitation Centre offering an in-patient treatment programme to young people struggling with drug addiction. This was a ground breaking development at a time when in-patient treatment for children was only offered by rehabilitation centres that provided services to adults.

20 years on and this organisation remains the only child and youth care centre in the country offering this treatment option to young people. This unique child care response to substance addiction in young people has been refined over the years and in its current form ensures that young people from economically disadvantaged communities in this Province are able to access therapeutic support for substance addiction.

Whilst a number of factors have contributed to the longevity of this programme, acknowledgement must be given to the centre’s social worker, Andile Biyela. In holding this programme with the ‘best interest of each young person’ at heart, she has settled for nothing less that the highest standard of professionalism from her child and youth care team and other social service professionals who provide services to the Centre.

During the past year;

  • 36 children were admitted for in-patient treatment.
  • 27 completed the 12-week programme; an 75% success rate.
  • 27 children who had completed the in-patient treatment programme had access to the 12-month Aftercare Programme.
  • 541 young people benefitted from the structured awareness and prevention workshops.
  • 44 children were provided with motivational support in relation to accessing support to stop abusing substances.

The success of this programme is a testament of the Durban Child and Youth Care Centre’s commitment to providing relevant childcare responses to children who struggle in hostile and unyielding communities, having to cope with a multitude of challenges with little or no support.

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  1. I would like to know the process of admission for two boys aged 10 and 12 for substance abuse

  2. I am heartbroken to hear that the centre is closed.I came across it as I was searching for help for my 17 year old boy; who has a substance addiction.
    It’s now 2:55am, but I can’t sleep due to frustration.
    This was really the only centre I could find that focuses on children and Youth , but it’s so unfortunate to find out that it’s closed.
    I pray and hope you open soon

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