To the smart, brave and phenomenal women of DCYCC

As women’s month draws to a close, I feel the need to shine a spotlight on the phenomenal women who have over the years impacted on the lives of our young people, more specifically our girl children. This diverse group of women, of all ages and backgrounds have individually and collectively contributed towards our girls discovering their worth and finding their voices.

These women: employees and volunteers, through their heart for hurting and vulnerable children, and their selfless commitment, have helped children heal, believe in themselves, and dare to dream.

Whilst my heart yearns to name these inspirational women, I dare not, in fear that my memory fails me and I leave out even one name. Suffice to say that these women, spanning a period of 31 years have touched the lives of many……… from our cooks, through to admin staff and members of our Child Care Team, arts and crafts volunteer, surrogate granny’s, mentors, prayer warriors, role models, our girls have been blessed!

I quote from “Daring to be ourselves”, by Marianne Schnall, “As women, we must learn to trust our instincts and inner wisdom, not only for our own personal well-being, happiness, and wholeness, but also in order to express our true power and individual special gifts in the world”.

Thank you for sharing the gift of YOU with our girls.