A sad goodbye to our trusty Yaris


Sadly, our trusty Yaris was written off by our Insurer after being damaged in a minor accident recently. We are grateful to be insured, however the R30 000 settlement is nowhere near enough to cover the cost of another vehicle.

Over the past 14 years, this little car proved to be work horse. It was used by child and youth care workers to attend parent meetings at schools during evenings and weekends when our drivers are not available … to transport very ill children to hospital after hours and on weekends … to transport social workers, senior child and youth care workers and admin staff to training sessions … to the bank, and to the shops for small items.

In February 2019, the Yaris became indispensable as the means to transport food from our central kitchen at 222 Lena Ahrens Road to the 265/267 Lena Ahrens Road property over weekends and public holidays.

At a time when we are already finding the fundraising space so hostile, this unexpected expense is crushing! If you know of anyone within the motor industry that could help us with a vehicle sponsorship please email nicolette@dch.org.za

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