Meet the children

In order to protect identity, real names have not been used.


Josh joined the Durban Child and Youth care family in 2018. Prior to his admission he was severely neglected and had to beg on the street to sustain himself and his sick mum.

Unfortunately Josh’s mum passed away and he was left alone and very much at risk. Nevertheless he is a very happy and resilient child. He is kind to other children and respectful to everyone who works with him.

He often tells us how thankful he is to be here … to get daily meals and never go hungry … and to be able to go to school like other children his age.


Nathi was admitted owing to neglect and abuse by his biological father. His mother is dead.

His father consumes alcohol and becomes very aggressive under the influence. He would go away for days leaving Nathi without adult supervision. Sometimes he beat the child for eating food at home without his approval.

Nathi is now in Grade 3 at a school in Mayville, and is learning to trust his care givers, and that there will always be enough to eat here.

“To me, love is when the staff treat you as their own, and show compassion and understanding to each and everyone.”



Imagine being 4 years old and having to rummage through rubbish for food and drink out of toilets just to stay alive!

Like many of the children in our care, Sam had never really known tender love and care from his parents. Instead, he learned to fend for himself at a very early age.

He was in a state of extreme malnutrition when he was admitted into our care. Lack of food had affected his development, both physically and mentally. He still needed nappies and he couldn’t talk, walk or even eat like a normal 4 year old. Sam was diagnosed with Dysmorphism, an abnormality in the development of his form. His emotional and thinking capabilities were that of a  baby.

Fortunately we have been able to provide him with the proper care and treatment he needs. He has been attending speech therapy and occupational therapy twice a month. Thanks to our nutritional programme, medical assessments and stimulation, Sam is in good health and has achieved most of his previously delayed milestones.


After his mother died, 6 year old Theo was placed in the care of his grandmother, who unfairly blamed him for her daughter’s death. His granny rejected and neglected him, so the little boy began spending most of his days and nights wandering the streets in search of food and affection.

By the time he came to us, he was ill and severely undernourished and seriously ill. He had a tiny frame and  his mental and motor skills lagged behind the normal milestones of Early Childhood Development.

Under our care, his improvement has been remarkable! He has benefited enormously – not only from plenty of good, healthy food – but also from nutritional supplements recommended by our dietician. His health is closely monitored by our Child Care Worker, who accompanies him to his scheduled clinic and hospital visits.

We have managed to place Theo in school, which he loves. He particularly enjoys Maths.

“For the first time in my life, I am excited for what the future has in store for me.”