Get involved

Even though you might not know much (or anything) about fixing broken children, the fact that you're here, reading this, proves that you already have all that you need: concern and interest.
Here are some ideas of how you can make a difference in a child's life.


Many hands make light work, they say. It’s certainly true in our Home, where we appreciate the time and effort given so generously by our wonderful volunteers. Please contact us if you would like to get involved. We need volunteers to:
  • Help with both group and individual homework;
  • Tutor high school students battling in certain subjects;
  • Help with the afternoon programs;
  • Assist Child and Youth Care Workers with the children over the weekend;
  • Interact with and occupy preschoolers during homework time;
  • Sew and mend children’s clothing.
If you are interested in volunteering, please click here to download the volunteer application form.

Bright Stars Mentorship Programme

Just one hour a week of your time and interest can change the life of a child who lacks good adult role models or family support. Our Mentorship Programme is run through Bright Stars, who will train you and match you to one of our youngsters. Over time (minimum one year), you’ll build a relationship with him or her based on trust, and walk beside them on their journey to adulthood, helping them build their knowledge, self esteem and confidence. Please contact Bright Stars directly if you are interested in mentoring one of our children.

School Community Service Programme

Please contact us at for details of the programme available to high school students.

University Students/Groups

Please request your Lecturer or subject Department to send an official letter, explaining the requirements of the project, to Thereafter, our team will contact you to see if we are able to assist. Please note that we are only able to take a limited number of individuals or groups at any given time. We recommend sending your request through as soon as possible.

CSI Projects

Please contact our Development and Relationship Manager, Nicolette at for details of current projects. We are also open to suggestions if you have a specific project in mind.

Shop for us

With a free MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card, you can raise funds for the Durban Child & Youth Care Centre effortlessly – without costing you a cent.

Every time you use your card at any of the partner stores (e.g. Woolworths) they donate a percentage of your purchase value, on your behalf, to the school or charity you choose.

And you can support up to three different charities on one card. So if you already have a card and you want to keep on supporting your child’s school, you can do that – and help our children as well.

Visit for more.


Sporty, creative or outgoing? Why not fundraise for us?

Challenge or peer-to-peer fundraising is a popular and fun way to get your friends, family and business colleagues to support your favourite cause – by sponsoring your marathon or cycle race, mountain climb or skydive.

Platforms like GivenGain, Back a Buddy and Doit4Charity make it easy. You don’t need to handle any money yourself – just set up a fundraising profile online and share the details on social media.

You can also ask friends to donate instead of buying birthday, wedding or anniversary gifts. For the men, beard shaving or moustache growing challenges are popular, while fitness challenges, dance-athons and bake-offs are for everyone!

If you have a special fundraising idea in mind, why not chat to us about it? Contact Nicolette on tel. 031 201 1301 or email

Give cash

Donations of any amount – as a once off gift or recurring monthly payment – help provide food, shelter, education, medical care and therapy to help children overcome the trauma of the past and grow into confident, happy young people. Please consider reaching out to them now.

Gifs in kind

If you have children or grandchildren of your own – or friends or relatives with children – you’ll have a good idea of what our children need.

Clothing and shoes in all sizes; school bags and uniforms; sports equipment, soccer boots and takkies; non-perishable food items; soap, toothpaste, shampoo, towels and facecloths; pens, pencils, notebooks and other school stationery items and so on are always needed and very gratefully accepted.

Please contact us at info@dch, for a list of our most pressing needs, and details of schools/ages of the children currently in our Homes.

Help with maintenance

There’s always plenty to do around the home – from mowing the lawns and raking up leaves to washing windows and replacing light bulbs and tap washers.

If you are able to provide a monthly maintenance service of any kind, we’d love to hear from you.

Please let us know how you could help by contacting info@dch,

Leave us a gift in your Will

Naturally you’ll use your Will first and foremost to make provision for your own family, especially if you have minor children. But we are all part of another ‘family’ the whole of mankind on earth. And not all the children in that greater family are as fortunate as we have been. 

If you’ve supported the Durban Child & Youth Care Centre in the past – or wanted to, but couldn’t afford to make a donation – your Will provides the perfect opportunity for your caring concern to touch the lives of less fortunate girls and boys far into the future.

Because, you don’t need to spend any of your money now! Only when you no longer need it will the money or possessions you leave behind be put to work to change a child’s future.

By leaving a bequest to the Durban Child & Youth Care Centre, or ceding an endowment or insurance policy to us, you’ll ensure we’ll always be here for vulnerable children and youth in need.

If you do decide to make this gesture, we strongly advise consulting an attorney or financial advisor who can help you decide on the type of bequest that is most suitable.

For example, it is often more prudent to leave a percentage of your estate, or the residue (what is left over after all other bequests, tax and funeral expenses have been paid) rather than a specific sum of money. Your gift will thus keep pace with inflation and your beneficiaries will be assured of a fair distribution should the value of your estate increase or shrink.

Please do let us know if you are considering or have made a bequest to our organisation in your Will. We would appreciate the opportunity to thank you, and perhaps plan together how you’d like the money to be used. Thank you!


Help create a safe and welcoming haven for a child who's been hurt or neglected in the past