Child Protection Week starts 29 May. But children need protection for all 52 weeks of the year ...

… And when their parents or families can’t provide a safe, loving environment, it’s our job to step in and help. Thanks to support from caring people like you, that’s what we were able to do for Mazwi.

After his mom died, he went to live with an uncle and his girlfriend. The grown-ups drank a lot, which frequently ended up in violent arguments. Mazwi felt frightened and helpless when the shouting started and the punches and slaps began. Even when they were sober, the uncle and his girlfriend didn’t have much time for Mazwi. All the signs of neglect were there.

Here at the Durban Child & Youth Care Centre, Mazwi found safety, love and care. Plus plenty of nourishing food and the chance to attend school regularly. But something was missing … a real family.

So you can imagine the excitement when Mazwi’s dad showed up here in March – five years later! He had being trying to find his son all those years. But when he went to the uncle’s house, he was told only that a social worker had taken the child away.

Mazwi was so happy to see his father, and to hear that he has a grandmother and other relatives in Mozambique. Mazwi’s dad wants to take him to live with them. And, once the screening process has been completed, we trust that Mazwi can be reunited with his family. In the meantime, dad visits him at our centre and talks to him on the phone.

Soon Mazwi will leave our Home to begin a new life with a family of his own. But he’ll never forget the love and security he found here when he needed it most. And though it’s sad for us to say ‘goodbye’, we know that Mazwi’s place here will be taken by another young boy or girl in desperate need of protection and care.

That’s why we need your continued support. So we can keep on providing all the things neglected and abused children need … a stable home life, food, clothing, education, counselling and therapy to help them overcome the fear and sadness of the past, and begin building a bright new future for themselves.

Please consider celebrating Child Protection Week by making a donation online now. Together we can turn tears into smiles and laughter – and give children like Mazwi what they need most … a happy, carefree childhood.

Thank you for caring about all children.

child protection week

Play your part by making your donation now towards child care services.

children deserve to be safe & happy

In a perfect world, every child would grow up in a loving home – with enough food, clothing and opportunities to play and learn.

But it’s not a perfect world.

The Durban Child & Youth Care Centre strives to give children who’ve been orphaned, abandoned, neglected or abused, another chance of a happy childhood. We provide a safe home, all the daily necessities, education and encouragement to help them develop into healthy, well-adjusted kids.

Wherever possible, we work with the family to enable children to return home. Because every child needs a place to belong.

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South Africa's children are hurting

In mid 2017, South Africa was home to 19.6 million children under the age of 18
Of these:

million orphans
million dependent
on grants
thousand live in
child only households
0 %
live below
the poverty line

How we help

our programmes

Residential Care

our programmes

Residential Care

Up to 60 boys and girls, between the ages of 2-18, live in three units. They attend local schools and receive counselling, remedial teaching, therapy and other activities designed to encourage them to develop skills, talents and confidence.
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our programmes

Siyakhula treatment centre

After more than 20 years of providing an in-patient treatment response to children addicted to substances, the Durban Child and Youth Care Centre has had no option but to close the Siyakhula Rehabilitation Centre.
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our programmes

amaqhawe Care Centre

our programmes

Amaqhawe Centre

This is a home for 14 children suffering from chronic life threatening illnesses (mainly HIV) and disabilities. We focus on their emotional, spiritual and medical care. Wherever possible, families are encouraged to be involved.
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our programmes

Community support

our programmes

Community support

Professional support to other child & youth care centres, the National Association of Child Care Workers, Regional Youth Forum, etc.
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Play your part

Although we receive a government subsidy for each child, this is nowhere near the real cost of caring.
Your donation helps provide food, shelter, education, medical care and the therapeutic programmes
these children need to overcome their unhappy past and develop into confident, happy young people.

Other ways to help

Gifts in kind

We appreciate donations of non-perishable food items, clothing and toiletries. Please contact us for a list of our most pressing needs.

Get a MySchool Card

Choose the Durban Child & Youth Care Centre as the beneficiary of your MySchool card and help raise funds every time you swipe the card.


Helping with homework, mentoring older children and sewing clothes are just some of the ways you can make a difference.


Provide a regular monthly service like removal of garden refuse, or general maintenance like replacing light bulbs and tap washers.

Fundraise for us

Run a marathon and ask your friends to sponsor you ... or ask for donations to DCYCC in lieu of birthday or Christmas gifts.

Set up a monthly payment

Even small donations - made regularly every month by debit order or recurring EFT - add up to a whole lot of help.

Leave a bequest

One sentence in your will could make a lasting impact on a child's life – and costs you nothing right now!

Adopt a room

Contribute towards the running costs for one room – and your kindness will touch many children's lives each year.

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