Level 4 Lockdown Regulations

Kindly take note of current restrictions:

  • The centre will remain closed to the public – no site visits and no Volunteer Programme.
  • Donations in kind can only be accepted under specific Covid-19 protocols. To comply with regulations and avoid physical contact, please drop off donations in the designated box at the gate of 222 Lena Ahrens Road, Glenwood from Monday to Friday between 08h00 and 12h00. Please include your name and contact number or email with your donation, so that we can thank you.

No matter how bad things get … and it’s hard to imagine anything worse than the past week of unrest … we have to carry on.

We have 74 children depending on us, and we have to be strong for them. They need reassurance that everything will be alright. We pray that it will be.

But we are worried. With so many businesses destroyed, and more people than ever out of work, badly needed money from donations is already starting to dry up. Add to that the current shortages of some food items – and the limits imposed by many supermarkets – and we know that getting through the next few months is going to be challenging.

Especially now that the cold weather has really set in. Kids need more hot nourishing stews and porridge to ward off the cold, and new winter jackets, pyjamas socks and shoes. Please will you help by making your donation now towards these essentials?

It’s unthinkable that little ones like Sunny (4) and Sbu (6) could be let down. They were placed at DCYCC because their mother wasn’t able to care for them properly. Before they came here, they used to beg for food and money on street corners … surviving on stale bread, and always afraid in case someone bigger or older robbed or hurt them.

Although they miss their mother, they are so happy to be here with us.

They thought they’d come to a place where they’d always be safe and warm … where they’d never go hungry again … where they’d have clean clothes to wear every day. And – best of all – where they had the chance to go to school like other kids. Sunny is at Castle Kids School and Sbu started Grade 1 at Carrington Heights.

We can’t let them down.

Please help if you can. On average, it costs R28 per day … R850 per month … to provide each child with a nutritious breakfast, lunch, supper and one snack. On top of this we have to buy warm clothes to augment good second hand clothing that’s donated. Over the course of the year, it works out to R110 per child.

When you add it up, food and clothing alone cost almost R1000 per child. And we have 74 of them to care for every month!

Any amount you can spare towards this cost would be deeply appreciated. Together, we can keep children safe and develop them into the kind of responsible, productive young people our country needs.

Help ensure our children continue to receive all the love and care they need to thrive through the cold months ahead.

children deserve to be safe & happy

In a perfect world, every child would grow up in a loving home – with enough food, clothing and opportunities to play and learn.

But it’s not a perfect world.

The Durban Child & Youth Care Centre strives to give children who’ve been orphaned, abandoned, neglected or abused, another chance of a happy childhood. We provide a safe home, all the daily necessities, education and encouragement to help them develop into healthy, well-adjusted kids.

Wherever possible, we work with the family to enable children to return home. Because every child needs a place to belong.

Watch our video to find out more

South Africa's children are hurting

In mid 2017, South Africa was home to 19.6 million children under the age of 18
Of these:

million orphans
million dependent
on grants
thousand live in
child only households
0 %
live below
the poverty line

How we help

our programmes

Residential Care

our programmes

Residential Care

Up to 60 boys and girls, between the ages of 2-18, live in three units. They attend local schools and receive counselling, remedial teaching, therapy and other activities designed to encourage them to develop skills, talents and confidence.
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our programmes

siyakhula Treatment Centre

our programmes

Siyakhula treatment centre

This is a 12 week residential rehabilitation programme for youth (aged 11-17) who are addicted to substances. They develop new skills and attitudes to enable them to remain drug free.
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our programmes

amaqhawe Care Centre

our programmes

Amaqhawe Centre

This is a home for 14 children suffering from chronic life threatening illnesses (mainly HIV) and disabilities. We focus on their emotional, spiritual and medical care. Wherever possible, families are encouraged to be involved.
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our programmes

Community support

our programmes

Community support

Professional support to other child & youth care centres, the National Association of Child Care Workers, Regional Youth Forum, etc.
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Play your part

Although we receive a government subsidy for each child, this is nowhere near the real cost of caring.
Your donation helps provide food, shelter, education, medical care and the therapeutic programmes
these children need to overcome their unhappy past and develop into confident, happy young people.

Other ways to help

Gifts in kind

We appreciate donations of non-perishable food items, clothing and toiletries. Please contact us for a list of our most pressing needs.

Get a MySchool Card

Choose the Durban Child & Youth Care Centre as the beneficiary of your MySchool card and help raise funds every time you swipe the card.


Helping with homework, mentoring older children and sewing clothes are just some of the ways you can make a difference.


Provide a regular monthly service like removal of garden refuse, or general maintenance like replacing light bulbs and tap washers.

Fundraise for us

Run a marathon and ask your friends to sponsor you ... or ask for donations to DCYCC in lieu of birthday or Christmas gifts.

Set up a monthly payment

Even small donations - made regularly every month by debit order or recurring EFT - add up to a whole lot of help.

Leave a bequest

One sentence in your will could make a lasting impact on a child's life – and costs you nothing right now!

Adopt a room

Contribute towards the running costs for one room – and your kindness will touch many children's lives each year.

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