Floored by your generosity, Ironman 4 the kids


New flooring funded by Ironman 4 the kids

Like all our buildings, the hall at Durban Child & Youth Care Centre is old. And the years have taken their toll. At the beginning of 2022, we were fortunate to receive funding from two donors, which allowed us to repair the roof and fix up the ablutions. But the state of the flooring literally had us ‘floored’.

Broken and worn tiles were becoming a tripping hazard, as well as unhygienic. But we couldn’t stop using it, because the hall is the heart of our Home. It’s a central meeting point for the children from all the units … a place where they can get together for educational, developmental and recreational programmes, as well as various activities and events. Staff, too, use the hall on a regular basis for team meetings and training.

We are thankful to Ironman 4 the Kidz for coming to our aid and donating the funds needed to renovate the hall flooring. There was even enough left over to renovate the showers at the Amaqhawe Care Centre. Talk about being showered with blessings! A huge shout out to Ironman 4 Kidz for their wonderful generosity and caring.


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