Message from the Director


Is it just me or does it feel like the days of each week are like beach sand, sifting through one’s fingers? Here we are approaching the middle of the year, a year that has been nowhere near the normal we once took for granted.

With most state schools functioning with 50% of children at a time, our programme is a buzz with children 24/7. Our child and youth care team revised the daily programme designed for last year, ensuring that our children have a daily structure that provides a healthy rhythm for them to follow.

A balance between academic work, developmental activities, and fun time is crucial to maintain an environment which is encouraging and optimistic. And let us be honest, we have all needed a dose of optimism.

As the lockdown eased, some normality returned to the children’s lives. A visit to the beach was top of the list and the children enjoyed every moment of the freedom to run wildly across the sand and jump into the waves. With the wheels of the welfare system starting to churn again, our social workers were able to draw in family so that the critical task of reunification could be re-initiated.

With the return to Level 3 restrictions as we ride the 3rd wave, the only thing we know for certain is that nothing is certain! However, we forge ahead with faith.

Our friends and donors have been remarkable. You have not faltered in your support and we cannot begin to tell you how incredibly grateful we are.

Apart from financial support towards daily running costs, we have been fortunate to have received funding to attend to some urgent maintenance projects. We were able to also tick off some of the items on our Wish List through your kindness and generosity.

This support has uplifted us, and we are encouraged to keep our eyes on our goal; to serve and protect the vulnerable children placed in our care. We don’t know what the future holds, but we are comforted to know that we have a whole community of friends standing with us. Thank you!

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