New computer rooms and skills training – thanks to the Chester Group and Activate Academy


At the beginning of the year, some members of the Chester Group visited our Home. As they toured the facilities, we mentioned the need for a study/computer room for our children. A month later, the Chester Group contacted us to let us know they wanted to renovate and set up not one, but two computer rooms for our children – one on each property – so that our children would have safe and easy access to these facilities whenever needed.

Needless to say, we were overwhelmed by this wonderful news! At last, our children wouldn’t have to queue up at our reception area and ask our receptionist for help with assignment research, printing, etc.

But more was to come. We were also offered the Activate Academy online learning programme, which is designed to grow the capacity of youth through self-led and blended learning programmes.

Activate Academy

Jacqueline Joshua, a facilitator of Activate Academy, now comes on Tuesdays and Thursdays to run the training sessions. Our young people started with a course on leadership, which they are thoroughly enjoying. They receive a certificate after completing each course.

Thank you Chester Group and Activate Academy!

As an added footnote: one night during loadshedding some neighbours drove past our Home and noticed that the place was mostly in darkness. They came to us with an offer to help by donating portable rechargeable lights for each of our houses. What a difference this had made! Thanks to these two members of the community, we now have sufficient lighting in and around our home during loadshedding.



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