Special announcement – Extraordinary response to COVID-19 threat

At this time when our President has announced a National State of Disaster in respect of COVID-19 the management of the Durban Child & Youth Care Centre has implemented urgent and drastic measures to protect the children in our care and the employees who provide them with 24 hour care. The following measures will apply until the present State of Disaster has been uplifted.

  • All activities facilitated by volunteers are suspended.
  • Site visits by any member of the public will not be allowed.
  • As far as possible we request that contact with the centre be limited to electronic contact. Where this is not possible please report to reception and adhere to the infection control measures communicated to you by the receptionist.
  • Contact by parents, extended family members and host parents will be limited to telephonic contact.
  • Holiday placements for all children are cancelled.
  • Children on 5-day or 10-day programmes are not to be allowed to leave the facility for weekend visits to family/community.

Our employees have been informed of the above precautionary measures and have been authorised to enforce these measures.

We trust that you will support our efforts as we strive to protect our children and employees.

Psalm 37:5 ‘Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust Him, and He will help you.’

Yours sincerely,

Mrs A Goble

Outsourced catering

Ensuring compliance by outsourcing catering

Outsourced catering

During April 2019 the Department of Social Development asked all Child and Youth Care Centre’s in KZN to a meeting.

Meeting the health requirements of catering provision was one of several concerns raised by the department. Whilst we were confident that we have been providing children with nutritious meals it was evident that in order to meet the compliance requirements of both Department of Social Development and Municipal Health we would need to venture into a field of service that is outside of our area of expertise; i.e, hospitality.

After extensive investigation and careful consideration our Board took the decision to contract Ethekwini Caterers to take over the running of our kitchen.

Ethekwini caterers have developed an effective model for meeting the catering needs of a Child and Youth Care Centre having provided this service to Pietermaritzburg Children’s Home for the past 6 years.

We are confident that this decision by the Board will ensure full compliance with both the Department of Social Development and Municipal Health with regards to kitchen requirements, kitchen staff and food preparation, whilst providing our children with meals of a higher nutritional value.

Renovation projects 2019/2020

We have been fortunate in this financial year to have received support towards some of our most pressing renovation projects. Special thank you goes out to The Victor Daitz Foundation for their kindness and generosity. Thanks to your support we have been able to undertake and complete the following renovation projects:

Mandy Goble

Message from the Director

During one of our Monday morning team meetings I shared a reading on the power of patience; “For you have need of steadfast patience and endurance, so that you may perform and fully accomplish the will of God, and thus receive and carry away what is promised” Hebrews 10:16. I left the meeting feeling encouraged in the knowledge that to be patient is a powerful action and that I can draw on this power to remain calm in the midst of the many storms that are inevitable in a children’s home.

Of course our definition of a storm would more than likely differ, as would the description of the intensity of the storm, and I have come to learn that sometimes it’s just a storm in a tea cup.

Confirmation from the Department of Social Development of a long awaited and much needed increase to subsidy was welcomed during this past year. Along with this notification was pressure for child and youth care centres throughout KZN to assess their catering and ensure that kitchens and menus are aligned to meet health requirements. Although we have managed to tick the required boxes over the years, our Board decided to make the bold move of securing the services of Ethekwini Caterers to attend to the nutritional needs of our children. You can read more about this by clicking here.

Back to school

Back to school support

Back to school

We would like to thank all our friends and supporters who opened their hearts and hands to our children. Our children were ready and well-equipped to start the 2020 school year thanks to the Stretch Foundation, Accenture Operations and many more who generously gave towards our Christmas appeal for assistance towards school uniforms and stationery for 2020. Thank you for your kindness!

Fundraising Car Wash

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Umbilo Car Wash for supporting our organisation by hosting a Fundraising Car Wash Day on our behalf on Saturday, 7th March 2020. Special acknowledgement and thanks to all those who attended the event in support of our organisation. We thank you and appreciate your support!

Back to school

Starting ‘big school’ for the first time

Back to school

At the beginning of the year, we welcomed no fewer than 18 new children to our Home – seven of them have just started school for the first time. We also had two children starting high school. They grow up so fast!

As you can imagine, early January was a whirlwind of activity … enrolling the new kids in school, sorting out uniforms, making sure everyone has sharp new pencils, erasers, pens, crayons, rulers and notebooks.

A big thank you to our wonderful friends and supporters for helping to make sure each and every child has everything they need to succeed in the classroom and on the sports field this year.

Mandy Goble

Message from the Director

What happened … where has 2019 gone? It seems that every year at this time we ask the same question – where has the time gone?

2019 has certainly been a year that overflowed with all sorts of challenges – from blocked drainage systems to late payment of subsidy from the Department of Social Development. Each challenge required a well-executed response that is easier said than done when financial and human resources are already stretched. And then almost in the blink of an eye, it is the end of the year and as we reflect we see how our mindful responses to each of the challenges has resulted in positive outcomes, from cleared drainage systems to intensive advocacy with provincial Department of Social Development on behalf of Child and Youth Care Centres in KZN.

The support received from so many different quarters has certainly kept our spirits high and our focus fixed firmly on our priority; the care and treatment of the children placed into the care of our Centre. When 20 children are reunited with their family and community you can be assured that the child care team has worked with a sense of purpose and determination throughout the year to ensure that the goals of families Care Plans are met.

I am so grateful for the commitment of our Board members who set the benchmark for good governance, for the heart that our staff have for vulnerable children, and for the generosity of our friends and donors.

It is the combined effort of all these wonderful and special people which carried this organisation through 2019. Dare I hope that 2020 is a little less challenging but as successful? Knowing that God’s grace is sufficient, especially when we are at our weakest, is all the encouragement I need!

Siyakhula Rehabilitation

Siyakhula Rehabilitation Centre celebrates 20 years

Siyakhula Rehabilitation

20 years ago, this organisation took a leap of faith and opened the Siyakhula Rehabilitation Centre offering an in-patient treatment programme to young people struggling with drug addiction. This was a ground breaking development at a time when in-patient treatment for children was only offered by rehabilitation centres that provided services to adults.

20 years on and this organisation remains the only child and youth care centre in the country offering this treatment option to young people. This unique child care response to substance addiction in young people has been refined over the years and in its current form ensures that young people from economically disadvantaged communities in this Province are able to access therapeutic support for substance addiction.

Whilst a number of factors have contributed to the longevity of this programme, acknowledgement must be given to the centre’s social worker, Andile Biyela. In holding this programme with the ‘best interest of each young person’ at heart, she has settled for nothing less that the highest standard of professionalism from her child and youth care team and other social service professionals who provide services to the Centre.

During the past year;

  • 36 children were admitted for in-patient treatment.
  • 27 completed the 12-week programme; an 75% success rate.
  • 27 children who had completed the in-patient treatment programme had access to the 12-month Aftercare Programme.
  • 541 young people benefitted from the structured awareness and prevention workshops.
  • 44 children were provided with motivational support in relation to accessing support to stop abusing substances.

The success of this programme is a testament of the Durban Child and Youth Care Centre’s commitment to providing relevant childcare responses to children who struggle in hostile and unyielding communities, having to cope with a multitude of challenges with little or no support.