While we pray for a miracle, repairs to the SAWAS roof get underway


Roof repair

As a non-profit organisation, our attention – and the bulk of available funds – is focused on meeting operational costs. First and foremost, we must ensure that the children in our care have all the basic necessities … food, clothing, education and shelter … as well as professional services to enable them to overcome their traumatic past, and catch up on developmental milestones missed through inadequate care or stimulation before they came to us.

However, the state of our ageing buildings is a huge cause for concern. For more than a century they’ve provided accommodation for children in need. Over the years, they’ve been adapted and upgraded as funds became available.

Repairs to the SAWAS House roof

This has been top of our ‘to do’ list for some years already, and we just can’t put it off any longer. Two building experts have confirmed that the roof needs critical and urgent repairs.

No stone has been left unturned in our efforts to secure a donor. But the high cost of the repairs to the SAWAS House roof – over a million rand – is just too great. So we began approaching potential donors personally with an appeal for partnership funding. We are pleased to confirm that we have managed to secure one part funding for this project. The Victor Daitz Foundation, a longstanding benefactor of ours, committed an amount of R 505 567 towards the work, leaving us with a balance of R 639 891 still needing to be found.

But we can’t delay any longer; the safety of our children and staff is a priority. So we are forging ahead with the roof repairs in the hope that the necessary funding will materialise in time. Work started officially on Tuesday, 14 February. As a last resort, the shortfall will have to come out of our operating budget.

If you are able to make a contribution, or know of anyone who could possibly support this project, please email nicolette@dch.org.za. Any support that would relieve some or all of the financial pressure will be appreciated beyond words.

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