Stolen school bus replaced – thanks to IQRAA Trust


School bus

When our school bus, donated to us in 2017 by the IQRAA Trust, was stolen from our property last October, we were devastated. Having a safe and reliable vehicle to transport our children on daily basis is one of our top priorities.

Despite having security measures in place – the vehicle was parked in a locked garage within our fully fenced property with electric gate access – thieves still managed to steal it! We opened a case with the SAPS, and the tracking company made every effort to recover the vehicle, but sadly, it has never been found.

We felt terrible having to inform the Trustees of the IQRAA Trust that the vehicle had been stolen, but it was the right thing to do. Dr Baker was so understanding. To our delight, he invited us to submit an application for funding towards the shortfall on the cost of a new vehicle.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the IQRAA Trust for their financial contribution of R75 000 towards a new school bus. Together with the insurance payout and funding from other sources, their contribution enabled us to buy a brand new school bus for our children.

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