Orphans Endowment Fund to the rescue


Orphans Endowment Fund

The hijacking and theft of our ‘new’ school bus was traumatic on so many levels. Children and staff affected by the terrifying ordeal were supported by our child care team, led by experienced social workers. But management was left at a loss of how to move on from this blow to our operation.

Thankfully, Dr Baker and the Orphans Endowment Fund came to our rescue with a generous donation. This allowed us to make alternate arrangements to transport 30 of our children to and from school every day.

But we have still to decide on the best way forward, in terms of replacing the vehicle. Crime is on the rise at the moment, and school buses are seen as ‘soft’ targets by callous criminals who feel no guilt or shame in frightening children or robbing welfare organisations working for the good of the community.


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