Thank you for giving Christmas joy


When we shared Pamela’s* story with you at the end of last year, we never dreamed how deeply it would touch your heart. For the past seven years, Pamela and her siblings have spent every Christmas here at the Durban Child & Youth Care Centre, because they have no family to go to at this special time of year.

Your response was nothing short of phenomenal! From invitations to take the children out to donations towards gifts and treats, you showered the siblings … and 50 other children who remained with us over the holidays … with love. Thank you!

Special thanks to Toys R Us who donated gifts to the value of R12 000 – as well as East Coast Radio who made the kids the recipient of their Big Favour. You cannot imagine how much joy and excitement your kindness gave.

If you remember Pamela’s story, you’ll know that shortly before Christmas, our social worker managed to trace the children’s paternal grandparents in Mpumalanga. Although the granny indicated that she wanted to become involved in Pamela’s life, inter-provincial transport posed a big problem, both logistically and financially. We were certain that any plans made would fall through and the children would once again be badly let down.

But our social worker received an unexpected call from the grandparents. They had borrowed a car and were on their way to Durban to pick Pamela up for the school holidays. Oh the excitement, the jubilation when they arrived!

The visit was a resounding success and the outcome is that Pamela will be placed with her grandpaents at the end of this year. We are working on having her younger siblings transferred to a Child & Youth Care Centre in Mpumalanga, so the children will be able to see each other frequently, and there will be contact with the extended family.

Pamela’s story turned into a real Christmas miracle!

*Name changed to protect identity

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