Extra lessons help children catch up academically

Many of our children struggle to cope with certain subjects at school. Before being placed with us they may not have attended school regularly, missing crucial lessons and making it difficult for them to catch up.

When the team from Chester Group heard about this, they generously offered to sponsor the cost of extra tuition for children in need. Thanks to their donation, we were able to employ the services of Diko Tutors.

Initially, we decided to focus on the senior grades, with Matric being the most important of them all. Sinabo, the tutor, has been spending the most time with our Grade 10-12 learners, to ensure they have all the support they need to pass their end of year exams.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and we can’t wait for the school to issue reports so we can measure our learners’ progress. Unfortunately, reports will only be available in Term 4. However, we have already seen much improvement.  Nolwazi was able to get 78% for her accounting assignment, Sbonga obtained 76% in her business studies assignment, and managed 54% in the exam. Simphiwe, who is in grade 11, has also done well with her assignments.

Thank you Chester Group and Sinabo from Diko Tutors for helping our children.

Mandy Goble

Message from the Director – Mandy Goble

Mandy Goble

‘Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude’ is the topic of our most recent blog. In it, I shared ideas on how we can develop and instill this important attitude in our children. And now a few weeks later I find my own ‘attitude of gratitude’ is being challenged, and it is hard!

I find myself looking for justification for why I do not feel an overwhelming sense of gratefulness. It stems from the damage done by state capture and the ongoing pilfering of funds meant to be used to lighten the burden of the most vulnerable in our society. Having to make do with less than what is necessary to provide everything our children need and deserve makes it extremely difficult to be grateful.

As I wrestle with this feeling, I am reminded of these wonderful words I read recently. ‘A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.’

As I reflect on the many miracles of all shapes and sizes that Durban Child and Youth Care Centre has experienced, I realise how much I have to be thankful for.

It is YOU, our friends and donors, who have a hand in these moments and to whom I am truly GRATEFUL!  It is through YOUR  generosity that we manage to keep the doors to our home open to vulnerable children, year after year. It is YOU who respond to our urgent calls for aid with open hearts.

So thank you. Thank you for the many blessings YOU shower on our child and youth care centre and the children who we are called to serve.

‘Back to our roots’ on Heritage Day

For this year’s Heritage Day celebration on 24 September, we chose the theme “AZIBUYELE EMASISWENI” (Going Back to our Roots). This gave everyone the chance to celebrate their culture.

Our children and youth were encouraged to wear traditional dress, and each unit offered a number of different activities. There was Iscathamiya, Indlamu, Zulu dances, poems, Tswana dances, and more. We never cease to be amazed at how talented our young people are. It was a joy to watch them put their circumstances behind them and enter wholly into the spirit of the celebrations.

We were delighted to have visitors from Boys and Girls Town share the day with us, and to have a wonderful guest speaker, Sanele Khoza, from the Arts and Craft filming industry.

The day ended with a variety of cultural meals sponsored by a generous donor. A special thank you goes out to all those who helped make this day so special.

Orphans Endowment Fund

Orphans Endowment Fund to the rescue

Orphans Endowment Fund

The hijacking and theft of our ‘new’ school bus was traumatic on so many levels. Children and staff affected by the terrifying ordeal were supported by our child care team, led by experienced social workers. But management was left at a loss of how to move on from this blow to our operation.

Thankfully, Dr Baker and the Orphans Endowment Fund came to our rescue with a generous donation. This allowed us to make alternate arrangements to transport 30 of our children to and from school every day.

But we have still to decide on the best way forward, in terms of replacing the vehicle. Crime is on the rise at the moment, and school buses are seen as ‘soft’ targets by callous criminals who feel no guilt or shame in frightening children or robbing welfare organisations working for the good of the community.


Hollywood Foundation lightens our load

A huge thank you to the Hollywood Foundation for coming to the rescue when our washing machines gave in.

As you can imagine, it’s not easy coping with the piles of laundry generated by 74 active boys and girls in our care. Our washing machine runs virtually non-stop every day! So when it broke down, we were devastated.

We are so grateful to the Hollywood Foundation for the wonderful donation of a brand new LG Commercial Washer. It has literally lightened our load! Thank you.

Chef Linda joins us as part of Feed Mzansi initiative

We are so lucky to be part of Food Lover’s Market Feed Mzansi initiative. Food Lover’s joined forces with popular chefs, embarking on a charitable road trip around the country, providing nutritious meals to less privileged children.

Private chef, Linda Mnikathi, arrived at our home to cook an absolute classic one-pot wonder … a delicious vegetable stir-fry that got the tick of approval from our 74 boys and girls.

“The reason I chose a vegetable stir-fry is because vegetables contain so many nutrients that the kids need,” chef Linda explained. “I served fruit as a dessert for them as well,” he added.

The children were up for seconds and even thirds of the vitamin C packed fruit.

Please watch the video of Chef Linda cooking for our Home and ‘like’ the green heart icon below it. By doing so, you stand to win a Food Lover’s Market voucher to the value of R2 000. At the end of the series, the chef with the most votes will receive R25 000 to donate to their featured child and youth care centre. With your help, that could be us!