Kids get creative


Thanks to a new Skills Development Programme launched by DCYCC, Growth Spurt, young people will have the opportunity to explore their creative side.

The Programme will be facilitated by an experienced multi-talented artist, Marian Immerman. A speech and drama graduate, Marian is also experienced in public relations, clothing design/buying and has a background in teaching. She has been a volunteer at our organisation since 2014 and had for years prior to this been directly involved in initiating and driving a range of community upliftment projects.

The main purpose of Growth Spurt is to provide young people with the opportunity to create arts and crafts while learning key life skills to address the social, financial, emotional and personal complexities within their daily lives.

There will be a strong focus on recycling – upcycling and upliftment going hand in hand! Special thanks to Marian for making this project a reality. Thank you also to Marty from MProjects for kindly donating the container needed to facilitate these workshops.

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