Ironman 4 the Kidz


Ironman 4 the kidz

In July this year, the unimaginable happened! Our last remaining school bus was hijacked. Despite all our efforts, we were unable to recover the vehicle.

We were already under immense pressure. Just last year, one of our two vehicles – both of which were critical for transporting our children to and from school, clinics, hospital, psychological assessments and community activities – was hijacked. And then it happened again. With Quantums being one of the most sought after vehicles by hijackers, we needed to look at other suitable options that would prevent us from going through this again.

The only problem was that every suitable vehicle available cost much more than the insurance payout. We were in an impossible situation until a real-life Superhero swooped in and saved the day.

Ironman came to our rescue! No, not the Marvel Comics Superhero, but our local triathlon champions, Ironman 4 the Kidz Charity Trust!

Thanks to their incredible generosity, we were able to make up the shortfall needed to purchase a new vehicle. And their act of kindness didn’t just stop there. When they heard that we were in need of a new Industrial washing machine, they agreed to donate the necessary funds for us to purchase a new one.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Ironman 4 the Kidz for empowering us to continue the work that we do for our children.

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