Message from the Director


Today I was reminded that, no matter how dire the situation, we should never write off a child.

Sipho left our Centre two years ago. He had just failed matric and was returning to a home beset with poverty. Apart from his academic challenges, he also struggled with social skills, having been raised by a granny with psychiatric challenges.

But, instead of being defeated and sinking into hopelessness, Sipho chose to redo Grade 11 and then matric. And today he came to show us his results: a Bachelor pass with 1 distinction and 2 ‘B’s’!

How amazing, how wonderful! A story of determination and resilience, which saw this young man overcome so many obstacles to succeed against all the odds.

This story reminds me how important and worthwhile our services are to vulnerable and at-risk children. It is an honour and privilege to do this work. The responsibility is great and often overwhelming; however, the reward is priceless.

Sipho’s beaming face is all the encouragement our child care team needs to face 2022 with the courage that will surely be required as we navigate the many obstacles that are sure to come our way.

I hope that we can count on you to continue your journey with us this year.

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