Message from the Director – Mandy Goble


Mandy Goble

As I reflect on my ruminations from just a few weeks back, it dawns on me how much the time of day can affect the way we see a landscape.

When I last wrote, my work landscape was looking foreboding, dark with storm clouds on the horizon. Today those clouds have lifted.  Still there, but far enough away for light to filter through and touch every part of what lies before me. The Department of Social Development kept their word and affected NPOs all received the money due to them by 8 February.

Caring concerned people within our circle came forward to offer assistance in all shapes and sizes. We are so thankful! And I am personally grateful, your response filled my tank and as I look around, I see how everything within my vision is bathed in light.

But there was a brief moment earlier this year, shortly before I returned from leave, when I mused on the possibility of just not coming back to work. In all my 33 years of service to the Durban Child & Youth Care Centre, I have never felt like this before.

I came to the realisation that the state of our country as we ended 2022 had left me discouraged and frankly angry. Endlessly having to pursue and insist on access to basic rights as a citizen, in addition to the rights of the children in our care, had left me depleted.

NPOs across KZN were struggling with non-payment of subsidies from the Department of Social Development. Hard working, dedicated employees were not paid their salaries, services to the most vulnerable people in our province were disrupted. All at a time when access to water and electricity – basic rights for all human beings – is inconsistent!

And then I listened to our social worker describing the circumstances leading to the placement of the new children entering our home and was ashamed of my thoughts.

What would happen to these precious little souls if we were not here? We are their voice, their advocates, their safe place. We must continue to fight the good fight, and hold tightly to the belief that light will prevail over darkness – even when the lights go out!

God bless you,

Mandy Goble


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