The Big Makeover


From the people of Japan

Our Amaqhawe Care Centre and Khayelisha House were recently revamped and renovated internally and externally – all thanks to the incredible generosity and support From the People of Japan.

Together, these buildings, which date back to 1910 and 1914 respectively, accommodate 34 children, ranging in age from two to 18 years. Over the years, the buildings have been a safe haven that many vulnerable children and youth in KwaZulu Natal have called home.

Children remain here while we focus on reunification and reintegration with family and/or the community, with the ultimate goal of returning children to their homes. Throughout the process, the child’s family is involved and viewed as partners. And, where immediate family is not available, the extended family and community are drawn on for support.

Residential Programme

During their time with us, the children are developmentally assessed, and clear care and development plans drawn up. Developmental programmes provide strengthening and capacity building, whilst therapeutic programmes allow for healing, healthy development, and a sense of well-being.

As a non-profit organisation, our priority has to be on operational needs. However the demands of our aged buildings are a constant concern. Maintenance needs are prioritised, with the most critical and urgent projects being attended to first.

Raising enough money to meet our operational shortfall annually is a challenging task in itself in the present economic climate. And having to raise additional funds to attend to all our maintenance needs makes the task even more difficult. Despite how impossible it seemed, we remained committed and kept approaching donors and sending out appeals for help.

After numerous “No’s” and “Declines”, we are just bursting with immense gratitude and joy to share that we finally received a “Yes” From The People of Japan. This BIG makeover has breathed new life into the buildings and allows them to remain a safe haven for many more vulnerable children in need of a safe and caring home environment.

Thank you to the people of Japan for being our Partners in the Care of Vulnerable Children and Youth.

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