The “list” never ends …


What with the 18 new children who have to come to us since the beginning of the year, along with the 56 existing boys and girls in our care, you can imagine how long our list of needs is … it just never seems to end.

With winter in full swing, there is always a need for new warm clothing and shoes, as well as an extended grocery list so that we can provide each child with the balanced diet needed to keep hungry tummies satisfied during these chilly days.

Our grateful thanks to those who have already contributed towards our Winter Warmth campaign. Pictured above is the Sri Sathya Global Council of SA, who visited our home and provided our children with wonderful much needed winter items. Thank you for your wonderful support!

Huge thanks to PEP for the generous voucher that allowed us to buy much needed items for our children. We were able to get a number of warm jackets, socks and long sleeve shirts.

Special thanks also goes to Classic Quilters for their kind and generous donation of comforters for the children’s beds.


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